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Code Name Duration Price Capacity Edit Expand
90785Interactive Complexity Add On0 Minute(s)075EditExpand
9085390853 Group Session60 Minute(s)080EditExpand
9084790847 Family psychotherapy, conjoint psychotherapy with the patient present0 Minute(s)0150EditExpand
9084690846 Family psychotherapy without the patient present0 Minute(s)0150EditExpand
9084090840 Add-on for each additional 30 minutes of psychotherapy0 Minute(s)075EditExpand
9083990839 Psychotherapy for crisis, first 60 minutes0 Minute(s)0175EditExpand
9083790837 Follow-up Session50 Minute(s)0150EditExpand
9083490834 Psychotherapy, 45 minutes with patient and/or family0 Minute(s)0125EditExpand
90832Psychotherapy, 30 minutes with patient and/or family0 Minute(s)075EditExpand
9079190791 Assessment50 Minute(s)0175EditExpand
9940499404 EAP Visit0 Minute(s)0150EditExpand
9919999199 No Show Fee0 Minute(s)075EditExpand
9780397803 Medical Nutrition Therapy Followup (2)30 Minute(s)070EditExpand
9780397803 Medical Nutrition Therapy Follow-up (3)45 Minute(s)0105EditExpand
9780297802 Medical Nutrition Therapy Assessment (4)60 Minute(s)0140EditExpand
9610396103 Psychological Testing by Computer0 Minute(s)0100EditExpand
9610296102 Psychological assessment with therapist0 Minute(s)0199EditExpand
9610196101 Psychological Testing0 Minute(s)0599.00EditExpand
0000100001 Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker Course0 Minute(s)0499.00EditExpand
0000200002 Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker Complete Program0 Minute(s)01229.00EditExpand
0000300003 Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker Course + Feedback0 Minute(s)0695.00EditExpand
00004Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker Course Feedback0 Minute(s)0199.00EditExpand
00020RecoveringMyLife Course0 Minute(s)0499.00EditExpand
00021RecoveringMyLife Course + Feedback0 Minute(s)0695.00EditExpand
00023RecoveringMyLife Course Complete Program0 Minute(s)01257.00EditExpand
9087590875 Biofeedback Training25 Minute(s)075EditExpand
9087690876 Individual psychophysiological therapy incorporating biofeedback, with psychotherapy0 Minute(s)0150.00EditExpand
00025Case Report0 Minute(s)050.00EditExpand
9919899198 Treatment Planning Session75 Minute(s)0100.00EditExpand
00026Employment/Internship Interview30 Minute(s)00EditExpand
00027Business Consult0 Minute(s)00EditExpand