Relaxation Massage & Biofeedback Training

Get a relaxing massage with biofeedback training
Calm your nerves by taking some time out and away for yourself
Enjoy a shiatsu foot, back and neck massage with calming audio visuals, aromatherapy and bio feedback therapy
Enhance your experience with psychotherapy to open up and let it all out
Gain valuable nutrition therapy to optimize your health choices
Take your stress and toss it to the wind at Lifestyle Therapy and coaching
  • Relaxation/Biofeedback Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Nutrition Therapy

Join the Lifestyle Healthy Me Club
(Includes a Nutrition Evaluation and Stress Assessment)

  • Bronze – $100 monthly – 2 Relaxation/Biofeedback Therapy Sessions
  • Silver – $150 monthly – 2 Relaxation/Biofeedback Sessions / 1 Psychotherapy Session/Nutrition Therapy Session
  • Gold – $250 monthly – 4 Relaxation/Biofeedback Sessions / 2 Psychotherapy Sessions/Nutrition Therapy Sessions

Purchase the Stress Relief Package below to join the club

$490 – Stress Relief Package
(20 Minute Shiatsu Massage with aroma therapy $50, Nutrition Assessment $140, and Biofeedback Therapy $150, Stress Assessment $150)

Use Discount Code – STRESSFREE for 50% Off – Sale Price $235

Currently the Stress Relief Package is only offered on Monday mornings. Click here to schedule. Please complete your intake form prior to your appointment.  Plan for two hours in our lifestyle center.

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