John P. Ruffin, B.S., M.S., LPC

History /Background

Bachelor of Science:                    Psychology

Masters of Science:                     Clinical Psychology

Residential Care Supervisor:        Working with adolescent Males between the ages of 12-19 with childhood disorders (ADHD, ODD, CD, etc..)

Program Developer:                    Big Brothers big Sisters organization match management and program coordinator

Mental Health Counselor:             Focused on all mental health concerns

Substance Abuse Counselor:        Dealing many forms of addiction but focused on substance abuse.


Interest and pursuits

U.N.N.E.S.T Program

This program focuses on maximizing the home’s potential to produce well-rounded, focused and happy children. The program emphasizes developing a child’s maturity. It assesses the child’s maturity and equips the family with the tools to help build that maturity towards adulthood.


Relationship Building

I believe that strength is in the relationships we build and maintain. I have a passion for all types of relationships. This includes marriage and family relationships, interpersonal relationships, and Business relationships.


Motivational specking

I like to inspire people. I have a passion for inspiring youth. I plan to write and speak to groups on a verity to mental health topic.

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