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Welcome to Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching!

Our mission is to help you reach your goals.

Getting help for a challenge in your life is a big step that requires more than a casual decision. Congratulations! You have come to a point where you are ready to make some positive changes in your life. As you already know changing your life or relationship is not an easy assignment. But the good news is that many do it every day. You can too!
One of the reasons we do what we do here is the joy we experience when we help people reach their goals. Our committed clients have experienced a great amount of success in treatment for a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, sexuality, marriage, parenting, anger, ADHD, family problems, codependency, etc. We see adults and children. We offer various options to fit the needs and budgets of our clients. We provide therapy in-person as well as long-distance via phone or Internet as well as online courses you can go through on your own. We accept insurance payments as well as self-pay.


What is therapy like?

Therapy at Lifestyle is like talking to a caring friend who is also an expert listener. Someone who has your best interest at heart and sincerely desires to see you feeling good with your life and relationships. The therapist will listen, talk, laugh and maybe even cry with you. You will feel great relief sharing what’s on your mind. Your therapist will listen with a non-judgmental ear, provide prudent feedback and help you work through the issues standing in the way of your goals.


Our Specialty

Each of our clinicians have different specialties.
Joseph L. Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S., LMFT specializes in treating heterosexual couples experiencing challenging circumstances threatening their relationship. Most couples having relationship issues report that they are having communication issues which generally don’t require intensive therapy to treat. Many other couples, however, have more severe issues affecting their relationship and need more intensive intervention. These issues frequently include sexual problems ranging from affairs, pornography addiction, sexual aversion and sexual abuse recovery. Domestic violence and anger management issues we frequently address as well. Our clients also may have other disorders including PTSD, personality disorders (like borderline and narcissistic), mood disorders (like bipolar and depression), and ADHD.  Most of our clients have considerable difficulty managing their emotions.  They often come from dysfunctional families or grew up with an alcoholic.  They have been in abusive relationships and have had difficulty sustaining long-term relationships.  These issues most often need to be addressed individually and as a couple.  Treatment is intense and requires not only an emotional commitment but also a financial commitment.  Treatment to successfully navigate through severe problems can last upwards of two years.  However, most of our clients are successful after only a few months. Treatment includes assessment/testing, individual therapy, family therapy, couple therapy, group therapy, and online psycho-educational study.


Claudia S. Follettte specializes in medical nutrition therapy serving individuals with various conditions and goals including weight management, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, renal issues, autoimmune diseases, etc. Learn more about our dietetic services at


John Ruffin, LPC specializes in treating adolescents and parent-child relationship issues. He deals with defiant and oppositional children and their very frustrated parents. He is effective in opening up the lines of communication between parent and child. Learn more about our U.N.N.E.S.T. adolescent program. In addition John treats most adult issues including depression and anxiety. Additionally John is great with adult individuals and couples. Whether its anxiety or depression he has helped many transition into abundant living. He has been effective in helping couples create understanding and draw closer to one another.

Online Courses

Many may best benefit from one of our online courses. Our current courses are:


Cost Considerations

You are responsible for all fees associated with services received at Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching. As a courtesy we are able to file with all insurance companies including CIGNA, BCBS, GEHA, Humana, ALL KIDS, Health Scope, Optimum, Aetna, Multiplan, Megellan, and TRICARE. Click here to provide your information if you would like us to contact your insurance company to determine what your out-of-pocket responsibility may be. This may include your copayment, coinsurance, and/or deductible.


For those who will not be using insurance we offer an income-based sliding scale to ensure affordability. Many of our clients utilize their flexible medical spending plan or Health Savings Account to pay for their out-of-pocket tax-deductible medical expenses.


While therapy is available for individual and family therapy outside of a program, studies have shown that the effectiveness of treatment for clients with serious psycho-social issues is tremendously reduced for those who do not participate in all aspects of treatment including group therapy. Many of our clients begin to feel better even after a couple of weeks of therapy. The temptation for many is to quit therapy thinking all is well. Only to realize they are facing the same and maybe even worse circumstances. If at all possible clients with extensive issues are encouraged to engage in the full program in its entirety for the greatest overall success. It takes upwards of 55 days to change a habit.  However, each client is different and has differing needs.  Some benefit the most from individual or couple therapy without a program. Your therapist will assess your particular situation and give you the best options for treatment recommended.

Many individuals feel like their life is in shambles and desire to put the pieces together. These individuals usually were raised in dysfunctional environments with possible abuse.  Many were raised by alcoholics.  This program is designed to help these individuals become emotionally healthy and able to sustain satisfying long-term marital relationships.  This treatment program usually spans 4 to 12 months.  The program includes testing and assessment, ongoing individual therapy, group therapy and steps work online.  Click here for more information.

Marriage is often a challenging experience.  You have two individuals who have to walk together.  At various stages in the relationship life-cycle couples often get stuck in unproductive routines.  There may be conflict they are unable to resolve or persistent dissatisfaction. Or maybe a couple realizes its time for a tune-up of a relatively good relationship.  Wherever you are in your relationship, the Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker program gives couples an opportunity to focus intensely on their marriage to address issues that have developed and have become potentially destructive to the relationship.  It includes individual and couple assessments, individual and couple therapy, and online workbook that answers many questions. Learn more about this program at  Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker Program.



Plan to spend at least 90 minutes at your initial session. You will share with the therapist what is going on and your goals for treatment. During this session the therapist will make treatment recommendations, develop a treatment plan for you and schedule your next session.
Complete our intake form so we will understand some background information on your problem and identify your goals for treatment. Please complete this form prior to treatment. To protect your confidential information you must create a secure login.
 The value of therapy is really immeasurable. Getting a healthy perspective can make a big difference not only in your life but in those around you and those that follow you. You are taking care of yourself when you get therapy. Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself and your future.